This course is designed to provide knowledge and skills in order to:

  • Identify pathogenic microorganisms, parasites, fungi
  • Assess the quality of patient clinical specimens
  • Process patient and plate clinical specimens
  • Perform and interpret a gram stain from a patient clinical specimen or culture medium
  • Differentiate clinically significant microorganisms from normal flora of various body sites/specimen types using a variety of media and methodology
  • Identify clinically significant microorganisms using rapid, commercial and conventional methods
  • Perform and interpret antibiotic susceptibility testing on clinically significant microorganisms using appropriate methods and antibiotics
  • Correlate microbiology results with disease states and conditions in order to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of patients
  • Successfully perform antibiotic susceptibility testing on microorganisms
  • Perform and interpret quality control, computer applications, instrumentation, quality assurance/improvement, safety and governmental regulations.

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